The best VR experiences in Sofia

VRooms (195 Knyaz Boris 1 St) 10:00-22:00

VR escape room, VR games

For the second year in a row, VRooms participates in the programme of Sofia Game Night. During their event you and your friends will have the chance to find out what virtual reality is while being transported into a completely different world!

Only during Sofia Game Night you will have the opportunity to try one of our 13 escape rooms (for a limited period of 30 minutes). All of them have a unique virtual environment and possess a hyper-realistic gameplay. If you are a fan of Half-Life, you should definitely try Half-Life Alyx. We have a bHaptics vest with which all your senses will be tested! In addition, we have another 35 games of different genres.

All that is required of you is to be in a positive state of mind and, of course, to be over 12. Come and try something new and unusual on the 24th of October.

The maximum number of participants is 8 for a time slot of 30 minutes!
More information:

If all sports are booked, come nevertheless and you will receive 15% discount for a future reservation.

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