Online streaming: Show Your Shit Friday (SYSF)

Online stream 21:00-22:00

A presentation of SpellPunk VR and Marko: Beyond Brave

This will be the first SYSF after the peak of the pandemic and it will present 2 projects – SpellPunk VR and Marko: Beyond Brave.

Incineration Productions JSC is one of the most progressive independent Bulgarian video game development studios. The company was established in mid-2018. The first project the company is working on is their story-driven dark fantasy action-adventure game Third Omen. It is expected to be released in 2022, and Incineration Productions surprised everyone when they released their virtual reality game SpellPunk VR in April this year. According to some rumours, the surprises that the studio is preparing this year are not over yet. During SYSF, the studio will present SpellPunk VR – an action multiplayer game that is gaining more and more worldwide popularity.

Marko: Beyond Brave is an atmospheric 2D adventure (metroidvania), inspired by classic animations and Slavic / Balkan folklore and legends. Drawn and animated entirely by hand, developed with Unreal Engine 4 and a lot of passion for the action-adventure genre, Marco is scheduled to release on PC, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

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