Super 8

Super 8
Zona 21 (3 Hristo Belchev St) 15:00-22:00

Interactive cinema game

Super 8 is an interactive game that provokes watchfulness, rapid reacting, and swift decision making. It is created with the intention not only to enable the participants to take control over the films that will be screened, but also to educate them about the world of cinema and its richness.

15 minutes – between 1 and 5 participants – 15 questions – 8 levels

The game has 8 levels that consist of genre-specific short films. The scariest ones are at the lowest stages and the further one gets the funnier the films become with each level. The more observant the participants, the earlier it will be for them to answer the questions that will be shown on a separate screen, and the faster they will proceed with the films from the next levels. 

Each player gives their answer upon pressing the buttons on a controller, especially designed for the event. The buttons will be two – A and B. 

The questions will pop up every other minute. The time for reading will be 3 seconds and after that a countdown of 8 seconds begins. If the player does not give an answer by the end of the time limit, they do not receive any points.

After a wrong answer has been given, a film from the previous levels is played. After a correct answer has been given – a film from the next level. When the players go back to a film that they have already watched, the game will start from there.  

After level 8 every correct answer will lead to a prize and the film will not be changed. If the player does not make any mistakes until the end they will manage to watch the whole film without being disturbed by pauses. 

There will be a third button on the controller called STOP. It will give a chance to the player to watch the film that is being played in that moment until the end without intermissions caused by the questions. After the end of that film there will be only 1 question and if it is answered correctly, the participant will win a prize. After that the game comes to an end.

More information can be found on Facebook.

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