Quarantäne 13

The gallery at the Goethe Institut Sofia 16:00-23:00

A online exhibition of Quarantäne Artist Collective on Minetest

Quarantäne 13 is an online exhibition on the MineTest platform, where over 30 international artists have the opportunity to present their work to a wide audience and communicate with each other despite the constraints imposed by the current global pandemic. You can watch a short video that best presents the project here.

Quarantäne Artist Collective has been around for the past 8 years. With time its format has changed a lot. The team’s first two projects took place in old, empty buildings used as quarantine facilities 100 years ago in Hamburg. From that initial starting point also came the name of the artistic group – Quarantäne Artist Collective. Leonid Kharlamov, Detlef Sclagheck, Marc Pospiech and Elena Kaludova form the core of the group. For each new project, they invite various international artists or curators to organize joint exhibitions. Quarantäne 13 is the team’s thirteenth project.

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