Art as a Game

IT Step (58 Alabin St) 19:00

Let’s play Arthiefact! That’s an educational game that gives a chance to the young players to improve their artistic knowledge and to enrich their imagination. The game is developed for adolescents above 15, between 2 and 8 of them, and the total duration of the game is between 15 and 30 minutes.

What is it all about?

We have 112 playing cards (the Art deck) with images of well-known paintings and 57 – with similar images and specific criteria (the Trace deck). The goal is for the players to compete while trying to find the best fit between the cards that they have and the criteria that they are given. The first one that reaches 10 points wins!

Aleksandra Ilieva, our designer, will add more interesting facts and additional information about the synergy between the arts and the games. Aleksandra is managing the Digital graphics and design department at IT Step Sofia. She has worked for Egmond Bulgaria on her favourite childhood brands, Harry Potter and Disney. Currently, she is responsible for the design of Inspire Bulgaria – a platform for social entrepreneurship – and is working on their first project called Kidz Welcome.

A bit of information for the game. How should it be played?

Each player draws 5 cards from the Art deck and puts them on a surface facing upwards. The Trace deck is placed facing downwards next to the card of the Art deck. The game begins when the first Trace card is revealed and every player has to choose one or more cards that fit the Trace card and its criteria. If the player doesn’t have any suitable cards they can skip their turn.

After everybody chooses a card, the players reveal their cards to check if the symbols match. If a player has a match they place their card in their hiding place; that card resembles a point. If the player does not have a match they have to throw out their card and they also lose a card from their hiding place, if they have any left.

Required Age: 15 Years
A maximum of 8 kids
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