Open doors at AVATAR VR

AVATAR VR CLUB Game Room (50 Tsar Samuil St) 16:00-22:00

Avatar VR is located in an overly convenient location in the heart of Sofia. It is a one of a kind VR venue in Bulgaria and also the first place in Europe that has the famous Cybershoes and gives an opportunity for all individuals to try them on. The team of AVATAR VR Club promises an unforgettable experience that will include cyber shoes, glasses and headphones, which will transport the user into a convincing virtual world. Besides, you can play with up to 10 of your friends at the same time! Come and enjoy 15 minutes for free, join our raffle and win a personal video in front of a green screen, in front of which you will look like a character from your favourite game!

From 4pm until 10pm we will be open and everyone will have the chance to try the unique experience of virtual games, of course, taking all precautions — to provide a relaxed and secure gaming environment!

The maximum number of participants is 20!
For more information, please visit Facebook.

Максималният брой на участниците е 20!
Повече информация може да намерите във Facebook.

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