Sofia Game Night 2020

Sofia Game Night is an initiative by Goethe-Institut Bulgaria which aims to put the diverse aspects of games and game development in the spotlight: from the game developing process and the economic role of the gaming industry and esports, to the user experience and the pure pleasure of gaming.

More than a night of gaming pleasures, the initiative’s goal is to become a broad forum for discussing the social, political, theoretical, educational and economic aspects of games.
Sofia Game Night is open both for professionals (developers, designers, story-tellers, composers, coders etc.) and the general public – regardless of whether you are a hardcore gamer or someone who encounters games for the first time. In a single night, the event will create an opportunity for various audiences to meet and mix, and offer diverse routers in the vast on- and offline world of gaming.
The “night” format also aims to highlight the diversity of the gaming scene, from the industry to the independent developers and players.

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